One set price for the only data tool you will ever need

$199 per month + $0.05 per Lead

Simple and affordable lead data, control your spend by only using what you need.

Prospect Engine

Use the ThreeSixty AI prospect engine by entering your ideal prospect profile and ThreeSixty will create you a verified custom lead list.

Sales Navigator Search

Do you use Sales Navigator? take advantage of your Sales Navigator advanced search filters to create searches that ThreeSixty will turn into verified data lists containing valid emails, job titles, company, website and phone.

Email Enrichment

Upload a CSV file containing first name, last name and domain and ThreeSixty will find and verify your prospects business emails. You can also upload custom data within your CSV.

Company Search

Upload a list of LinkedIn company ID's and ThreeSixty will enrich with valid company info such as industry, location etc

Social URL Search

Upload a list of LinkedIn profile links and ThreeSixty will enrich your list with complete prospect data from verified email to job title, website, company and more.

Job Enrichment

Upload a list of LinkedIn job links and ThreeSixty will tell you all about the role.


You can upload lists containing first name, last name and domain as a minimum and any other data you need for unlimited email enrichment.

ThreeSixty uses a proprietary algorithm to search for and enrich B2B emails so depending on the quality of the data you upload you can find thousands.

Simple, we don't like tying clients into very expensive long contracts that cost 5 figures. With PAYG data you control your spend and only pay for what you need.

7 days 100 leads max, use it wisely!

Sure, if you run an agency or source data for clients feel free to add ThreeSixty data to your repertoire.

Yes, simply navigate to your account settings and select the option to cancel your subscription from the my subscription link