ThreeSixty vs for email list building

ThreeSixty vs for email list building

Sourcing lead and contact information is essential for businesses and sales teams that are seeking to drive profitability and convert more prospects into paying clients. As most companies now have a company website and contact information listed for key company operatives, the information needed can be easily located. However, finding the necessary contact information manually can be a laborious and time consuming task. 

To reduce the time spent searching and sourcing important contacts, a number of platforms have sprung up with features that make contact sourcing fast and efficient. Along with included search tools, there are also a number of utilities that can help verify and validate email contact information keeping lists up to date and clean.

ThreeSixty is a leading platform that is designed to help companies and sales teams perform contact searches, but we are not the only one on the market. A number of websites offer a similar service and costs and features can vary between each one. Here we will take a look at how ThreeSixty compares to

ThreeSixtyAi’s Platform

ThreeSixty’s platform offers users access to real-time prospect data with the ability to source data from over 500 million B2B prospects. Tools that are designed to enhance and speed up search along with a dedicated prospecting engine provides easy access to a huge number of contacts. To gain even deeper insights into potential prospects tools like social URL search, job enrichment features, and a bulk email editor make gaining information even easier.’s Platform

Seamless’s platform promises users direct access to B2B decision makers with real time data verification tools and utilities like a Chrome extension and Linkedin integration to assist users with data sourcing. Their AI engine checks data with a series of verification steps to ensure that email contact and phone numbers are valid. 

Control of Lead Data

ThreeSixty has access to over 500 million B2B prospects and the platform includes a suite of tools to quickly identify leads that are relevant for the business user. Users can be targeted quickly by setting key data points and using the prospect engine to return information that matches the lead profile, returning only the leads that fit the specified criteria.

Seamless helps large scale enterprises fill their sales pipelines using a Chrome extension and Sales Navigator information to return listings of contacts from companies all over the world. Filters can be set like employee count, revenue and other options to build customised list information by specified company or industry type. 


With a base price of $199 then a price of $0.05 per lead, ThreeSixty users can enjoy simple and affordable pricing that can be tailored to their individual needs. With no complicated tier structures or credit expirations to manage, tighter control of finances can be maintained by paying only for what’s needed. ThreeSixty’s pricing structure places the user in full control of their spending and allows a high level of lead management and customization.

Seamless’s platform features 2 pricing tiers; Basic and Unlimited. Basic costs $147 a month allows 1 user and provides 250 credits. All contacts are annual commitment terms with monthly or annual payment options. The Unlimited plan allows between 5 and 100 users and is unlimited and costs $94.70 per month. However,this price point is only attainable with enterprise purchases of 10 or more licenses. 

Credit expiration

With a PAYG pricing system that is flexible and easy, ThreeSixty offers a monthly fee combined with a price per lead which keeps things manageable for users that need to keep a close eye on spending. Lead generation credits never expire and can be used as and when needed. For those that source data or provide lead information to other agencies, there is no restriction on reselling any of the lead data obtained from ThreeSixty’s platform.

Credit expiration may not be too much of a concern for those users that have the Seamless Unlimited plan as there is no restriction on use. For Basic plans with a set number of 250 credits these refresh every month. There is no information on credit rollover so presumably any unused credits are lost.

Search and Validation tools

Both Seamless and ThreeSixty offer tools and utilities that are designed to help the search for qualified leads and manage listings effectively.

ThreeSixty’s search and validation features are:

  • Prospect Engine
  • Custom Lead Lists
  • Social Url Search
  • Sales Navigator Search
  • Company Search
  • Email & Job Enrichment Tools

Seamless offers a suite of search and validation tools that include:

  • Email and Phone Verification
  • 10 step AI check
  • Filtering tools
  • Social search 
  • Linkedin integration


ThreeSixty has the ability to integrate with a number of external platforms and CRM tools to assist users with their list building. Sales lead management and campaign management is simplified by managing and sorting lead lists through all stages of the sales cycle. Integrations with popular CRM software and productivity tools like Salesforce, Hubspot and Mailchimp can be used to sort and manage lead data.

Data gathered from Seamless can also be exported to your CRM of choice. Using Zapier to facilitate connections, emails and lists can be transferred to management platforms like Pipedrive and Zoho. In addition Seamless offers native integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Dynamics, and Outreach. 

Lead verification tools

The ThreeSixty Ai prospecting engine allows users to generate a lead profile and returns only validated email addresses in an automated candidate matching process. To ensure successful email campaigns and low bounce rates ThreeSixty uses verification tools to clean and verify all listings. The bulk email checker will find email addresses by name and domain and internal checks will keep email bounce rates under 2%. 

Seamless provides email validation for all contacts using a verification process that includes a 10 step AI check to ensure that listings are current and active. They recommend using only the contact information that has been vetted and validated through their system to ensure a minimal bounce rate. 

Final Words

Seamless offers a full range of email search and contact validation tools, incorporating features like artificial intelligence to ensure data that is clean and up-to-date. However, larger users may find that they need to make a substantial investment to take advantage of a plan that is truly unlimited. 

ThreeSixty has access to over 500 million leads from multiple sources and utilizes expanded search tools and an AI backed prospecting engine to return verified leads and provide data insights to users. The flexible pay as you go pricing system means that subscribers get real value from plan credits.

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