ThreeSixty vs Wiza for automated sales leads

ThreeSixty vs Wiza for automated sales leads

For those that need to prospect for qualified leads, using an automated lead generator can help to reduce the time spent searching for valuable contact information. In-built tools can uncover leads that are essential to the success of your business and help sales teams make the connections that matter to drive a higher percentage of conversions. But not all paid platforms are created equally, finding the right tool or Saas service to identify potential leads and nurture them through the sales process can depend on the requirements of each individual company.

Lead generation can be beneficial for all businesses small and large and is not limited by industry. Organizations across all business segments and industry sectors can benefit from using automated lead generation tools. Paid lead generation can help to uncover valuable prospects and gain data-driven insights into potential buyers needs, with tools like enhanced search functions and artificial intelligence to dig deeper into customer motivation.

For automated lead generation, there are a number of platforms on the internet that help to search and validate relevant leads. Here we will take look at some of the features that ThreeSixty offers and compare them to service so you can determine which works best for you. 

ThreeSixtyAi’s Platform

With a suite of tools that includes social URL search, job enrichment features, and a bulk email editor. ThreeSixty’s platform offers real-time prospect data and access to over 500 million B2B prospects. In-depth company search tools and a dedicated prospecting engine empowers sales teams to generate new sales opportunities.

Wiza’s Platform

To unearth potential prospect and lead information, platform helps sales leaders to easily generate validated information from Linkedin Sales Navigator. Tools and features that are included with service are designed to scrape results, find contact emails, and verify and rank data. 

Control of Lead Data

ThreeSixty has access to over 500 million B2B prospects and the platform include a suite of tools to quickly identify leads that are relevant for the business user. Users can be targeted quickly by setting key data points and using the prospect engine to return information that matched the lead profile, returning only the leads that fit the specified criteria. integrates directly with Sales Navigator so users can extract contact data quickly in a time-saving and slick automation process. Job titles and other search criteria can be used to quickly scape thousands of contact details, extract emails, and export to a CSV file. 


With a base price of $199 then a price of $0.05 per lead, ThreeSixty users can enjoy simple and affordable pricing that can be tailored to their individual needs. With no complicated tier structures or credit expirations to manage, tighter control of finances can be maintained by paying only for what’s needed. ThreeSixty’s pricing structure places the user in full control of their spending and allows a high level of lead management and customization. platform also offers a pay as you go pricing tier for entry-level users, at a fee of $0.15 per email. Pro and Team plans provide extra features and cost $50 and $100 per month with 300 and 1000 included emails respectively. Or for annual pricing of $500 and $1000 email limits are 3.6k and 12k. While this can seem affordable initially, it should be noted that using platform will also require a subscription to Linkedin Sales Navigator to access the necessary information. 

Credit expiration

ThreeSixty operates as a set monthly fee combined with a price per lead. This PAYG pricing system is flexible and easily manageable for users that need to keep a close eye on spending. Credits never expire and can be used as and when needed for lead generation. For those that source data or provide lead information to other agencies, there is no restriction on reselling lead data. 

With a range of monthly and annual plans, credits for leads range from $0.15 to $0.08 depending on the subscription plan chosen. A credit rollover is offered so that leads are not wasted and can be used at a future time, and custom plans are available to tailor a lead search program to specific requirements.

Search and Validation tools

Both and ThreeSixty offer tools and utilities that are designed to help the search for qualified leads and manage listings effectively. suite of search and validation tools include:

  • Email Scraper
  • AI Tools
  • Email Finder
  • Verification and Ranking Tools
  • Lead export/download
  • Integration with external CRM’s

ThreeSixty’s search and validation features are:

  • Prospect Engine
  • Custom Lead Lists
  • Social Url Search
  • Sales Navigator Search
  • Company Search
  • Email & Job Enrichment Tools


Sales lead management and campaign management frequently rely on CRM tools to manage and sort lead lists and manage all steps of the sales cycle. Integrations with popular CRM software can help sales teams with information gathering and automated functions such as email outreach or data management. and ThreeSixty both have the ability to integrate with a number of external platforms. 

Data can be used within CRM’s and productivity tools like Salesforce, Hubspot and Mailchimp can be used to integrate and manage lead data, and both platforms can be connected easily with multi-channel marketing applications to streamline processes and manage the sales funnel efficiently.  

Lead verification tools

A successful email campaign can be assessed by a number of KPI’s including email bounce rates. provides its users with access to the email data contained within Linkedin Sales Navigator and runs a series of validation checks to ensure data accuracy. Removing those contacts that are incomplete or incorrect to help sales outreach users maintain positive email deliverability rates. 

ThreeSixty has its own verification tools to clean and verify listings. The bulk email checker will find emails by name and domain and promises to keep email bounce rates under a respectable 2%. The ThreSixty Ai prospecting engine allows users to generate a lead profile and returns only validated email addresses in an automated candidate matching process. 

Final Words

Both lead platforms provide tools and services to help manage lead data. focuses on providing direct integration with Linkedin Sales Navigator to search and locate leads contains within Linkedin’s database. Using the service will also require paying for a subscription to Sales Navigator. 

ThreeSixty has access to over 500 million leads from multiple sources and is not limited to only Sales Navigator, which may help users to run a more expanded search to return quality, verified, leads and deeper data insights. Combined with the flexible pay as you go pricing their system provide an all-around solution for sales teams. 

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