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When prospecting for leads using a dedicated platform like ThreeSixty can help to reduce the time spent searching and validating leads. With useful tools like a prospecting engine and social url search, scaling your business and driving sales conversions is made easier than ever. 

As part of their inbound marketing strategy companies use lead generation tools to locate, qualify, and contact prospects to convert them into solid leads for their sales teams. Attracting potential leads and nurturing them through the sales process can be demanding and time-consuming, but when done correctly the results can mean big profits. 

Whether you are a small startup business or a large enterprise, you can benefit from automating lead generation and prospecting by using dedicated tools to not only uncover valuable prospects but to gain deeper insights into prospects needs with enhanced search functions to reveal more opportunities.

There are other platforms on the internet that search and prospect for leads, so how do you know which is right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the features of ThreeSixty and see how they compare to other lead automation systems like

Control of Lead Data

Being in control of data means that you can target users and set key data points to aggregate and explore relevant listings. ThreeSixty has access to over 500 million B2B prospects and provides tools that will help to quickly identify leads that are relevant to you. The prospect engine allows search parameters to be set and will return qualified leads that fit your criteria.

Snov provides a suite of search tools for users to find targeted leads and automate contact with a heavy focus on email drip campaigns. Data can be collected to help sales teams outreach efforts and breathe life back into cold contacts.


Both platforms offer monthly pricing and different tiers depending on the lead volume needed. Snov’s paid plans range from $33 per month for startup and solo users up to $482 per month for large enterprise users. With each plan, unlimited users are allowed and a number of credits are allocated depending on the price paid. Add ons are available for email drip campaigns and Snov also offers a fully managed service starting for $699 per month.

ThreeSixty’s pricing structure places the user in full control of their spending and is the only system on the market that allows this level of lead management. With a base price of $199 then a price of $0.05 per lead, users can enjoy simple and affordable pricing. There are no complicated tier structures or credit expirations to manage and with this type of set fee payment, and organisations can maintain tighter control of their finances by only paying for what is needed. 

Credit expiration

Most online lead generation services will operate as some kind of fee and credit combination. But not all are created equal, and there can be some distinct differences depending on the service you use. Snov’s credit allocation is reasonably generous but will expire after the end of the month period. Potentially leaving users with unused credits. Credits may be extended or reactivated but this will mean committing to a further month’s paid service.

By comparison, ThreeSixty operates as a set monthly fee combined with a price per lead. This PAYG pricing system is unique to ThreeSixty and no other platform allows leads to be paid for in this way. The easy pricing allows users large and small to easily increase and decrease the number of leads generated to help manage cash flow. Tighter control of finances can be useful for small organization’s while larger companies can easily track lead spending.

Search and Validation tools

Making sure that leads are relevant and qualified is essential for successful prospecting. Both Snov and ThreeSixty offer tools and utilities that are designed to help the search for qualified leads and enrich listings with deeper information. 

Snov’s suite of search and validation tools include:

  • Email Finder
  • Individual and Bulk Email Checker
  • API
  • Technology Checker
  • Chrome Extension
  • Mass Email Merge Tools

ThreeSixty’s search and validation features are:

  • Prospect Engine
  • Custom Lead Lists
  • Social Url Search
  • Sales Navigator Search
  • Company Search
  • Email & Job Enrichment Tools


Sales and prospecting for leads can be enhanced using integrations to facilitate information gathering and automated things like outreach or data management. Both Snov and ThreeSixty have the ability to integrate with a number of external platforms. 

CRM’s and productivity tools like Hubspot and Mailchimp can be used, and both platforms utilize Zapier to connect and integrate with multi-channel marketing applications to streamline processes and manage the sales funnel.  

Lead verification tools

While gaining leads is a relatively simple process the actual process is quite involved. Not only do needs need to be validated and updated to reject those with outdated information or incorrect contact details. Email bounce rates can be reduced drastically by ensuring that all contacts and prospect information is completely accurate. 

Snov provides its users with an individual and bulk email checker that runs all emails through a series of validation checks. This helps to keep your email list clean and removes any incomplete or incorrect addresses to maintain good email deliverability rates. The tool can also be used to find emails by name or URL. 

Similarly, ThreeSixty has its own verification tools to clean and verify listings. The bulk email checker will find emails by name, and domain, and promises to reduce bounce rates to below 2%. The ThreSixty Ai prospecting engine allows users to generate an ideal profile and returned validated email addresses in an automated lead matching search. 

Final Words

While both systems have lots to offer, Snov targets the end result with email drip campaigns and contact automation for its subscribers. ThreeSixty’s platform concentrates on returning quality, verified, leads with deeper data insights to reduce time spent searching for prospects. Combined with the Pay-As-You-Go platform, and advanced search functions like Sales Navigator and social url search, ThreeSixty may be the better deal for businesses looking for an affordable and holistic solution. 

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