Top LinkedIn Automation Tools

Top LinkedIn Automation Tools

Top LinkedIn Automation Tools

LinkedIn is a popular networking site that is very similar to other social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By connecting with people, you’re able to find different jobs, leads, and services. 

The only thing that this site is different in, is that your profile actually becomes the professional resume that you can use to attract leads or apply for jobs. The more information you include on your profile, the better the chances to connect with people. 

The only thing that LinkedIn is different from any other social media platform is that making connections with people and reaching out to them is more difficult if they’re outside their network. Luckily, we found just the right tools to help you succeed. 

Top LinkedIn Automation Tools


ThreeSixty Outreach is a ThreeSixty tool that can completely take care of your LinkedIn automation efforts. You can add as many LinkedIn accounts as you like and start messaging campaigns from every one of them. 

These campaigns can run either in your existing network, contacting only people you have connected to or outside your network, making new connections along the way. 

You can customize the messages that get sent and set conditions for when the messaging should stop for a specific lead. 

Apart from the Outreach tool, ThreeSixty also provides a tool that allows you to pass in a Sales Navigator search string and have it automatically enrich and return all data for all the profiles in the search. 

The ThreeSixty Network scanner is another tool that processes a LinkedIn account’s network of already established connections and conveniently returns the fully enriched data in CSV format.

Meet Alfred

Alfred is an automation tool for LinkedIn management that can help you create targeted lists and find you quality leads. This automation tool basically does all the job for you, and you barely even have to lift a finger. 

Meet Alfred helps you update your LinkedIn profile, make and accept connections with leads, send personalized messages to your connections, accept any connection requests, and reply to messages with a personalized, more human answer to make it seem like you’re the one that is actually on the other end of the messages.

While this automation tool is useful, it can cost so much money. The “business plan” targeted for Sales Navigator users and sales teams that Meet Alfred offers costs 89$ a month per LinkedIn account, which let’s face it, is a considerable amount to pay.


Dux-Soup sends automated messages and replies, directs InMail messages, connection requests, posts things on profiles, and hosts meetings or campaigns.

Dux-Soup is an easy way to attract and engage with leads or candidates as well as automatically messaging them. It saves you a lot of time when it comes to finding the right leads or candidates. 

Dux-Soup can automatically visit thousands of profiles, also keeps track of every profile you visit. The profiles you visit, usually visit you back and will likely be interested to connect with you.


  • Starter Dux– Free Introduction
  • Pro Dux- $11.25/month
  • Turbo Dux– $41.25/monthly

What Are InMail Messages?

When you’re a standard user of LinkedIn you can send messages to people that you’re already connected to, but, what if you want to send a message to people that are not on your network and you don’t have a connection with them? 

By becoming a Premium user on LinkedIn, you gain the ability to send messages to whomever you want to. This is called InMail, and it can help you make a wide connection list with potential clients or candidates. 

Not only do they get a targeted message from you on their LinkedIn profile, but they also get a direct email to let them know they got a message.

Again, the bad thing about this InMail is the high costs.


LeadFuze is an automation tool used mostly by marketers and salespeople to help them find quality leads/candidates and their contact information.

LeadFuze also allows you to search for specific, individual leads or businesses and helps you find their business contact data. 

The pricing of the Starter Plan for LeadFuze is $132.30 per month. The Scaling Plan costs $447.30 per month. This automation tool lets you get 25 leads free of charge before subscribing to their services.


Crystal is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools. This tool helps markets understand their customers, their behavior, and their motivation to buy something.

Crystal predicts any lead’s personality traits from their LinkedIn profile. This helps the marketers to actually get to know their customers/leads on a more personal level and have better communication with them.


  • Free Version- The free version of Crystal allows you to analyze only 10 people a month.
  • Pro Version– $49 per month


This tool is easy to use. If you ever need someone’s phone number or contact information then Aeroleads is the automation tool to use. Aeroleads lets you connect with the most qualified leads for your business/services. 

This LinkedIn automation tool can help you find emails and contact info that can be useful for making a connection with your lead. 


  • Take Off Version -$49/month with 1000 prospects and their business emails/contact info.
  • Climb Version– $139/month with 4000 prospects and business emails.
  • Cruise- $499/month with 14000 prospects and business emails.


Zopto automation tools are used by sales management teams, investors, and salespeople to help them find a specific group of leads/potential candidates. You just need to subscribe to Zopto and filter your targeted leads. 

You’ll be able to choose your leads by their location, the technology they’re using, company size, and even the number of followers they have. When you’re done selecting your targeted audience, Zopto can start doing its job and will be able to send connection invites, free InMail messages, and profile viewings. You also get fully detailed data on your leads and send them personalized messages or campaigns.


  • Personal- $215/month 
  • Grow- $395/month
  • Agency- $895/month

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